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There are three modes for the delivery of information in the classroom. They are Non-Verbal, Co-Verbal, and Verbal.


Non-verbal teaching is the most effective with beginners to present musical information (modeling and demonstration), yet teacher must monitor closely and be willing to use verbal interventions when necessary for clarification purposes . This is by far the best method for assessing correct student responses.


Including brief verbal descriptions in the teaching process is referred to as co-verbal delivery. Co-verbal is also effective, as long as the verbiage used is necessary to clarify. Excessive verbiage in this delivery mode tends to confuse or distract students and is often completely unnecessary. Often, the excess talking by the teacher is just being used to buy time to think.


The least effective teaching strategy is the pure verbal approach. In music, verbal instruction (at any level) takes most amount of time, is the hardest to control pacing, presents the least amount of musical information, and it is often impossible to assess if students are on-task or off task.


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