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Characteristics of Effective Teachers

What are the characteristics of effective teachers?

  • Enthusiastic, Warm
  • Positive phrasing
  • Make eye contact while delivering content
  • Know students names and background information
  • Relate to (sensitive to) students needs and interests
  • Anticipate events in the classroom
  • Love working with students
  • Organized in planning curriculum and objectives
  • Know how to pace a class
  • Deliver information in a concise and clear manner
  • High awareness (monitoring) of students behavior and response to teaching initiatives
  • Always in control, yet know how to access the full range of their emotions

The most effective teachers combine these characteristics with strong knowledge of subject matter and high level of musicianship. Effective teachers guide the student to make progress. Ultimately, the teacher seeks a self directed response from the student. An effective teacher will teach themselves out of a job.



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