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Chin and Shoulder Rests

Guide to Selecting a Shoulder Rest, Sponge, and Chin Rest

Bows and Rosin

Changing a String

Strings should be changed seasonally, if used regularly. To change strings, change only one string at a time. After removing the old string, remove the peg, and apply peg compound to the peg on the areas where the peg contacts the peg box. Then insert the peg into the peg box, and turn the peg 8 to 10 times to form a gasket between the peg and the pegbox. Attach one end of the string to the tailpiece. Holding the instrument securely, insert the other end into the hole on the peg, and slowly wind the string onto the peg. To prevent the peg from slipping, gradually wind the string towards the side of the peg box. Lightly press the peg into the peg box as you turn, and pluck the string to monitor the pitch as the tension increases on the string.




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