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Instrument Repair

From time to time, even with the best care in the world, a major repair or restoration may be needed. Be sure to seek out the advice of other string players in your area when choosing a repair person for your instrument. Undoing a bad repair job, can sometimes require more extensive work than just doing the correct repair in the first place.

If you see a crack in your instrument, or hear your instrument buzzing in a peculiar manner, it is a good idea to take your instrument into a shop to have it inspected.

By keeping your instrument in its case when it is not being used, by keeping the temperature and humidity stable, and by wiping the rosin off the strings and instrument when you are finished playing, you can extend the life of your instrument. Remember to bring your instrument into the shop every few months to have the bridge and soundpost adjusted, and professionally cleaned.

Instrument Care
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Instrument Repair
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