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Videotapes Related to String Performance Instruction

For a more comprehensive listing of master teacher and instructional videos for strings, please visit Shar Products in Ann Arbor.

Cole, Orlando and Lynn Harrell. Exploring the Bow Arm. Ann Arbor, MI: Shar Products Co., 1994.

This is a collection of two videotapes. It covers presentation of basic principles and the correction of common faults and tensions on the cello. There is a demonstration by a nine year old student, a performance by Lynn Harrell, and volume two contains a n advanced level analysis of Sevcik Op. 3. This could be a useful supplement for intermediate to advanced students.

Galamian, Ivan. Master Teacher Series. Ann Arbor, MI: Shar Products Co., 1994.

This is a series of five videotapes. Volume one focuses on bow strokes, scale system practice methods, discussion of rhythms, bowing combinations, collÚ, martelÚ, etc. The other volumes deal with pieces from the repertoire. Keith Dwyer from Shar Music tol d me he believes these videotapes can be useful for a teacher but are not practical to use with a young student.

Greenhouse, Bernard. Cello Master Class. Ann Arbor, MI: Shar Products Co., 1994.

This is a two volume videotape of Bernard Greenhouse giving masterclasses. He discusses the art of cello playing, nuance, phrasing, interpretation, fingering, and more. While this is not a method of instruction, a video such as this is could be used to enhance performance instruction of intermediate to advanced students.


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