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Rhoda and Fox. The ABC' S Of Violin Book 1.

A series of method books that include classical and popular melodies. The book contains 34 pieces. The first 28 have the melody in the right hand of the piano part to aid in proper ear training for the violinist. The last six pieces feature accompaniments that do not duplicate the solo part.

Etling, Forest. Solo Time For Strings, Books 1, 2, 3, 4

Book 1 contains 24 unison solos written for class use or individual instruction. Book 2 contains some folk song classics. Books 3 & 4 continue to progressively introduce advanced rhythm and bowing techniques and contain music specifically selected to teach the positions of each instrument. The double bass books are great collections of progressive repertoire.

Vance, George. Bass Project Repertoire. Laurel, MD: The Bass Project, Inc.

This is a world renowned bass method with a melodic approach. It encourages the student to perform immediately. It is set up so the student may play along with piano, bass or both. There are six volumes for bass instruction, three technical supplements, a nd volume one has been transcribed for heterogeneous class instruction. There is also a string ensembles book which features bass solos. It comes with CD accompaniments of Francios Rabbath performing for the six bass instruction books.

Suzuki Instructional Materials. Secaucus, N.J: Summy-Birchard Publications.

All of the Suzuki schools of instruction come with cassette or CD accompaniments. The schools include violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, harp, guitar, and piano.


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