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Books on Purchasing a String Instrument

Bein, Robert, and Geffrey Fushi. The Primrose. Chicago, Bein and Fushi, 1983.

This book contains pictures and descriptions of the Primrose violin. This type of book is useful to raise students' awareness of quality in an instrument.

Reuter, Fritz. How to Buy a Violin. Chicago: Fritz Reuter Jr., 1971.

This book tells the truth about buying a string instrument. Tells about the five variables used in pricing: 1) Who made instrument, 2) Health of Instrument, 3) Country it was made in, 4) Who owned it last, 5) How it sounds. Tells how much different types of cracks will devalue an instrument.

Books for Entertainment

Erdesz, Otto. Violin Theater. Great Neck, N.Y: Musical Vistas Publishing, 1987.

Erdesz is a violin maker in Toronto. His instruments are known for their unusual shapes. This book is filled with characatures. Great for a coffee table in a waiting room.



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